Oppenheim Architecture Reveals Plans for $36 Million Oceanfront ‘Casa Playa’


Chad Oppenheim‘s Florida-based firm, Oppenheim Architecture, has just unveiled plans for a 23,000-square-foot, resort-style residence in Golden Beach, set to break ground in the coming year.

Equipped with an energy-efficient green roof, the home—which boasts 6,000 square feet of terraces, along with a 5,000-square-foot spa and fitness floor—showcases numerous spa pools, sunken hamman rooms, an entertainment area complete with a home theater, a safe room, and a lap pool accompanied by a waterfall. In addition, staff quarters have a separate entrance and staircase access within the villa.

The modern, temperature-controlled abode—which wholly reflects the sustainable, nature-inspired design Oppenheim is renowned for creating—touts an exterior complemented by a three-story eco-wall, which features 25 different plant species that will magnificently burgeon and wrap around a spiral staircase and hydraulic elevator.

The house is reminiscent of a few of Oppenheim’s past residential creations, particularly the Bal Harbour House, which sports a similar streamlined, rectangular structure that seamlessly blends in with its natural surroundings.

Fuente: Hauteresidence.com

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