‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Puts Sunset Strip Digs on the Market for $30 Million


Jeff Franklin is perhaps best known for creating one of the greatest family sitcoms aired in the ’90s—the comedic “Full House,” the show that gave famed Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley their big break in Hollywood. John Stamos, who played charming “Uncle Jesse,” is reportedly striving to revive the popular show alongside co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier.

Ironically, despite Franklin’s smashing success producing a show revolving around a very much lived-in home, his own Golden State residence is currently—well—empty.

Located at 1302 Collingwood Place, the four-bedroom, eight-bath contemporary is tucked in a secluded compound above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. After residing in the ultra-contemporary home for over 20 years, the film producer, writer, and director has decided to unload the property—where the idea of his hit television series was born—for $30 million.

Franklin picked up a “rundown, dilapidated bachelor pad” on the lot in 1988, a year after the show’s pilot aired. After the real estate market folded, however, he decided to build a new structure on its grounds instead of attempting to sell the existing mess, hoping to build the great home the wonderful property deserved. The outcome was the creation of a spectacular house, in which he would go on to write many episodes and host numerous cast parties.

The residence, which is accompanied by a garage large enough to accommodate a dozen cars, offers immense privacy with its gated entrance and lack of close neighbors.

“I think it would attract somebody in the entertainment business,” Franklin says. “People are going to love being at the house.”

Fuente: hauteresidence.com


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