Zaha Hadid’s ‘Grace on Coronation’ Residential in Australia Outrages Locals


By Stephanie Broke Friedman

Zaha Hadid is once again causing an uproar with her latest development project, Grace on Coronation—three matching residential towers referred to as “the champagne flutes.”

Set to ‘grace’ the waterfront in Toowong, Australia, the trio will contain 486 apartments, eight villas, and an interconnecting landscaped park, all encased in the colorless swooping web—Hadid’s trademark style effect. Many locals are said to be upset with the proposed development as it clashes with the area’s historic architecture and exceeds the city’s 15-story height limit.

“The design tapers each structure to minimize their footprints and open the riverfront to the public; creating a vibrant civic space for Toowong within a new riverside park,” commented Hadid, referring to the architects’ incorporation of grass-topped wedges on the ground-level. Critics of the projects point out that it is unlikely that these wedges will provide truly “vibrant civic spaces” as access to these “parks” from the street—particularly on the side furthest from the riverfront—is restricted by the 15-foot concrete walls.

Regardless of the development’s true functionality, the developers who contracted ZHA for this project are confident that there will be no shortage of buyers scooping up the ultra-expensive luxury residences when they hit the market.

Subject to receiving planning approval, the buildings’ construction is slated to begin in 2015.





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