Fendi Casa Presents Mandarin Oriental at London’s One Hyde Park


In collaboration with Voix Interiors, Fendi Casa presents Mandarin Oriental, a resplendent residence designed by the luxury brand at One Hyde Park in London.

Situated in one of the most prominent residential locales worldwide, the exclusive interior decoration project reflects a highly sophisticated and elegant lifestyle that complements the luxe edifice’s breathtaking grandeur.

Mandarin Oriental’s 450-square-meter private residence touts four plush bedrooms, along with a spacious living room and dining room. Its opulent, impeccably crafted Italian furnishings ooze with Fendi Casa’s savoir faire, giving it a timeless yet contemporary flair. Among the thoughtfully curated pieces poised in the home’s living spaces are Prestige sofas, Laetitia armchairs, and Bernini tables paired with Elisa chairs.

The sleeping suites boast Cameo and Diamante beds, complemented by the Canova bedside table and Astoria chest of drawers. The project’s color palette varies from ivory and champagne to chocolate and lacquered tones—a rich assortment of shades that melds well with its marble, crystal, velvet and silk detailing.

Fuente: hauteresidence.com


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