Angelina Jolie Purchases Private Island for Brad Pitt Worth $19.7M


The rumor mill is abuzz with gossip of Angelina Jolie having potentially purchased ultra-private Petra Island for fiancé Brad Pitt. The property is located on Lake Mahopac in NY and boasts Frank Lloyd Wright architecture right on the water…what’s not to love?

Frank Lloyd Wright originally built a very small cottage (1,200 square feet) for the island’s earlier owner and went on to design (but not finish) a larger main house. When current owners purchased the property, they also purchased the plans to Wright’s original vision and constructed the home with the help of a historian.

The home boasts a modern design, fireplaces, mahogany and glass doors and incredible views.

Though the daughter of the current owner has tried to squash reports of the celeb purchase (according to The Real Estalker), the couple may just be trying to maintain what little privacy they have.



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