Sanakids: Good life. Happy life. Pop up stories.


cq5dam.thumbnail.634.1280During the Salone Healthy at the Fair of Bologna, Salamanca & Co Design oversaw the preparation of Sanakids “Good life. Happy life. Pop up stories “, the exhibition dedicated to the creative and interactive healthy eating, culture of wellness and smart play.

The exhibition, eco-friendly and made in collaboration with the departments of carpentry and tailoring of the Prison Bollate, provides a large wooden table about 40 square meters, the archetype of a square and a new Community model, defined by corner, a green and houses pop up on stilts, each of which is developing the project of the participating companies.
The “Apple-tools” is based on current lifestyles and opportunities, moments and activities that accompany the daily consumption of the apple. The six varieties of apples, Golden, Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith and Morgenduft identify the lifestyles Fun , Smart and Active . For each style was made ​​a starter kit, consisting of objects that tell so figuratomomenti and daily habits, shared by adults and children.

Salamanca Design & Co, View of the exhibition “Sanakids. Good life. Happy Life. Pop up stories” at the Fiera di Bologna, 2013
The exhibition “Kitchen pop up” conveys the idea of the game-cuisine restaurant that ideally can be explored by children, decomposing and recomposing interactive elements and accessories. The goal is to bring new attention to the imaginary of the games and its evolution in translating and interpreting visually accessories and utensils for cooking, for both children and adults.
The installation “Baby Nursery” has developed as a forest-tree-wall composed of nests within which to discover the biological and authentically organic new products of the promoter.

In an installation that invites to meditation, called “Baby Zen”, with natural elements such as stones and water and inspired by the colors blue and black packaging essential, the sponsoring company invites you to experience a new approach to the care and welfare of child.
The installation “The Secrets of the grain,” says the research work and the protection of indigenous varieties of cereals: Piave, Gentil Rosso, San Pastore, Canove, Senatore Cappelli, giving the opportunity to consumers and children, in particular, to deepen the cultures, histories, emotions and elements of folk wisdom associated with these foods. Each ear of corn contains a different story that the visitor can discover in the exhibition.

In the project “A table with a smile” on a large table collective visitors can browse through the pages and discover the path illustrated by the views, expressions and simple and spontaneous emotions of children.
In the installation “Making echo” of the furnishings are built using only certified eco-friendly materials, such as ecological panels LEB, produced from 100% recycled wood material and component non-toxic water-based paints.



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