Château de Saint Élix: Investment Oportunity


A unique architecture

The property was acquired by Pierre Poer de la Terrasse in 1529. He was the Notary and Secretary of King Francis I. The construcon of the Castle started in 1541. Being a very wealthy man, Pierre Poer de la Terrasse had the very ambious vision to construct a replica of the great castles in the same Renaissance-style, similar to the Castle of Chambord. He charged Laurent Clary, a very famous architect from Toulouse, with the design of this project. Surrounded by a wide moat, the property was constructed using pink bricks. The main building is cubic shaped and has four towers on each corner with slate roofs on top. The sculptures as well as the original mullioned windows and the la/ce work accentuate the rich exterior decoraon. The Orangery annex of the Castle, was built later during the 18th century. The Castle Saint-Élix-has been officially classified as an Historical Monument since 1927.

A little bit of History2756560399_9631e722e2_o

The Castle was once the property of the Marquis de Montespan. This gentleman is well-known in French History for refusing to give up his wife to King Louis XIV and for defying the “Sun King” who had chosen her as his favorite. The unfortunate Montespan dedicated the rest of his life to the renovaon of the Castle with the hope of seeing his beauful love return to him…unfortunately in vain…

Visit the Castle:

Ideally situated between the magnificent city of Toulouse, the Pyrenees and the Atlanc Coast, the Castle of Saint-Élix is located
on an immense park of 8,75 acres decorated with beaufully landscaped gardens. The Castle offers an open view over the meadows and onto the beauful Pyrenees mountain range.

intThe interior surface of the Castle totals 2880m² on 5 levels:
-Ground floor:
Entrance, Living room, 3 Bedrooms,
3 Bathrooms
-First floor:
4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms
-Second floor:
Living room, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms
Recepon hall of 165m², kitchen of 360m²
Completely restored in its original style

Completely renovated with care, this exceponal property offers a unique living environment. Furnished with taste and in consideraon of the Renaissance style, the Castle of Saint-Élix reflects all the nobility and exquisite charm of France. It is a magnificent place for a quiet family holiday, but ideally suitable for weddings, recepons, seminars, hotel services… The Saint-Élix Castle is the ideal business opportunity for investors looking for something very special!

These black-and-white pictures are here to remind us of the me when the Castle Saint-Élix was parally destroyed by fire in the year 1945. It was then subjected to damages and robbery over an extended period of me. It’s aFer five years of restoraon and a
considerable personal investment from the current owner, that the Castle was restored to its original former glory.


The Possible Projects

The domain as well as the nearby grounds can be developed into ambious projects and with considerable profitability. These projects would contribute to the economic development of the region. They can be realized in associaon with the local authories and the “Architectes des Bâments de France” to respect the nature of this protected Historic Monument.

opcionesA 5-Star Hotel-Restaurant
The Castle and the Orangery would offer an idyllic framework
for the creaon of a top-class Hotel with a 5-Star Restaurant.
A possible lay-out of this property could contain a big
recepon hall, various Suites and approximately 100 Luxury
rooms, a Spa or Wellness Center, as well as a Gourmet
Restaurant offering regional products and local Toulouse
cuisine. The profitability of this investment has been esmated
at 5,5%.

An ethical and environmentally friendly Golf:
The grounds surrounding the Castle could be developed into
a 9- or 18-holes Golf course. This project would cover 400
acres including a training area of 30 acres. The Golf would be
harmoniously connected to the gardens of the Castle
respecng its style. This project would have a posive tourisc
impact on the regional development where today’s exisng
sporng facilies deserve to be expanded.
The return on this investment should be approx.:5,65%.

A series of individual villas HEQ
Golf amateurs could benefit from perfectly integrated villas
each giving direct access to the golf course from their gardens.
In accordance with the available plots of land, there is a
possibility to construct a set of 50 to 200 villas meeng the
needs of the demanding future owners.
The esmated profitability, linked to the promoon of the
villas is expected at approximately 28%.


The Castle is located in the municipality of Saint-Élix-le-Château, at the heart of the region of Toulouse. Located on the verge of the regions of the Gascony and the Languedoc, at equal distances of Toulouse and Saint-Gaudens, this place is easily accessible by the highway A62 about 30 minutes from Toulouse. The airport of Toulouse-Blagnac (one of the five airports of this region) is at only 30 minutes by highway and serves more than 100 internaonal desnaons. The region is also connected to numerous naonal and internaonal railway links.

A typically French region:


The Castle is perfectly located in an iconic region of France symbolized by its cultural heritage and its beauful landscapes. Large open and protected areas (four remarkable natural reserves), villages of character, historical sites, vineyards and cies in the Southern colours are the ingredients of this region considered as one of the most beauful of France. You can discover the tradional gastronomy in one of the 26 regional Michelin-awarded restaurants renowned in the whole country (black truffle of the Quercy, the Roquefort,
the Cassoulet, Armagnac) With an average of 2000 hours of sunshine per year, the weather in this region is amongst the most steady and reliable and thus easily competes with the French Riviera.

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