Bruce Willis Cuts Price on $22M Home with Built-In BBQ

13By Allie Early

Bruce Willis is still trying to unload his Beverly Hills manse, and it seems he’s even willing to offer a substantial price cut to get the home sold! Originally listed for $22M in May 2013 and then $19.9M in August, the home is now priced at $18M…a real steal for the right buyer.

Willis has been sitting on the home since 2004 and only purchased the place for $6.3M, but its 11 bedrooms, 11 baths, 10,379 square feet of living space and substantial upgrades made by Willis make it worth the huge price tag.

Notable amenities include a kitchen with a gourmet stove, a substantial wine cellar, a steam shower, a tennis court, a built-in BBQ, a covered patio for entertaining and lush lawns with beautiful flowering trees.




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