5 Homes Around the World Seamlessly Integrated into Nature

By Deanna Lawley

If this winter has gotten the best of you and you’re looking to escape to nature, below are five homes around the world that offer the best of indoor-outdoor living.

#1: Hidden Log Cabin

Designed by Swiss studio Bureau A, this one-person chalet nestled in the Swiss Alps is camouflaged on the mountainside. The exterior is equipped with a small window and recessed doorway. Inside is a small bed, a fold-down table, and a fireplace.

Swiss Rock House

#2: Underground House in The Alps

This concealed, underground mountain house is located outside the highly protected thermal baths in Vals, Switzerland. The underground home receives an abundance of natural light, due to the patio that is built on the incline. An underground tunnel leads into the house’s main living area.


#3: Woodland Home

Located in West Sussex in the UK, this natural home is made of a chestnut frame and barley straw bale, and sports a roof made of handmade cedar shingles. Built by Ben Law, the home is incorporates sustainable living and natural building principles.


#4: Bedrock Meets Malibu

This town-of-Bedrock-inspired home is a Malibu, California landmark, previously owned by the late Dick Clark. The ’60s-inspired home looks like The Flintstone’s house and blends into the surrounding 22.89 sunny acres. Inside, the home boasts 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding area.


#5: Seaside Estate

Designed by architect Jacques Savin Couelle, this villa is located minutes from Porto Cervo, Italy, and its grounds blend into the surrounding golf course. Built with natural stone, wood, glass and granite, the property’s verandas, terraces, and outdoor pool offer panoramic views of Pevero Bay and Cala di Volpe.

Savin Couelle Tiziano Canu Tiziano Canu


Fuente: Hauteresidence.com







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