Tropical Deco


This photographic project was prompted by a walk through the Art Deco district of Miami’s Southbeach.

It’s an exploration of colour and shape, a look at the machine age. The neighbourhood and its pastel-painted buildings which once stood for the arrival of a new era, now make one think of a dream world or a film set. Like gracious steamliners moored along the shore, the buildings sit against a back-drop of peachy coloured sand and turquoise water. The pale colours induce a sense of all that has faded, like an old postcard or photograph which has been sitting on a window sill. The sea breeze greens are cooling. Shades of blues seem to offer soothing refuge from the heat. Pale pinks feel powdery.

Round portholes, like dark eyes, seem to be staring out onto the ocean. A wild array of motifs is to be found on the facades. There are abstract designs of the Aztecs, next to art nouveau flowery arrangements, flamingoes, sunbursts and geometric shapes. Altogether it’s like the content of bag of Haribo sweets: candy to the eye.

German-born Silke Klinnert is a graphic designer and art director based in London. Having studied Communication Design at the Royal College of Art, she enjoys working across multi-disciplines.



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