Frank Gehry: Biomuseo


Panama’s Biomuseo, designed by Frank Gehry, is set to open its doors to the public, almost ten years after construction began.

Since 2001, an international team of architects, designers, and members of the scientific community have been working on the design and development of the museum, which will be a gateway to new knowledge about the natural history of the isthmus and its biodiversity.

The Biomuseo offers visitors eight “devices of wonder”, linking the emergence of the isthmus of Panama to the biological and climatic changes that transformed the natural world we know today.

The work of Frank Gehry, more than any other architect, closely resembles that of a contemporary artist and sculptor. In the Biomuseo we can see many references to local culture and biodiversity (colors) and canal architecture (roofs and architectural forms).
The building directs our gaze to the landscape and integrates with it. Positioned at the beginning of the Amador Causeway and the entrance to the Canal, it seems to float like another ship, bursting with color.

Biomuseo, Panama
Program: museum
Architect: Frank Gehry
Completion: 2014



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