Bruno Gaudin: mixed-use building


Bruno Gaudin’s Rennes development comprises a mixed-use programme combining local public facilities and Archipel Habitat head offices.

The aim was to design a major public space, also home to the Communauté de la Métropole Rennaise.

The granite facade blends with the street paving, complemented by glass panels that create a bright and colourful scheme. The monolith opens into an inner courtyard that illuminates all the internal spaces and helps develop a simple and clear-cut layout.

A glazed roof crowning the full-height central hub of the scheme infuses natural light into the innermost areas and although modular, the workspaces benefit from great height and large windows, with carefully developed construction details that make them far from boring.

Archipel Habitat Head Office and District Civic Centre , ZAC Clémenceau, Rennes, France
Program: mixed-use building
Architect: Bruno Gaudin
Associated architect: Benoit Gautier
Client: Archipel Habitat
Area: 8535 sqm
Completion: 2013






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