Christie´s News Alert, 13 Christie’s Hong Kong sales total US$333.8M

Running from the 23rd of November till the 28th November, the 13 different sales at Christie’s Hong Kong included:  finest and rare wines, Asian 20th Century contemporary art, Chinese classical paintings, Chinese modern paintings, Hong Kong magnificent jewels, Chinese ceramics and lacquer, Chinese furniture and important watches. 

“The past 6 days and 13 sales at Christie’s Hong Kong were characterized by diversity and strong but not speculative prices. These results dispel any doubt that the Chinese and Asian markets remain vibrant and strong, with active buyers and major collectors from the region participating at high levels. The quality of works offered consolidates the role of Hong Kong as a leading auction centre that attracts a global audience competing for the best works available,” said, François Curiel, President of Christie’s Asia.

Highlights of the sales include: 

 The Christie’s Hong Kong Important Watches sale on November 28 which realised US$24.167.957 and sold 91 percent by lot and 92 percent by value.

 The Magnificent Jewels sale on November 27 which achieved US$75.256.901 and sold 80 percent by lot and 82 percent by value.

 The Christie’s Hong Kong Chinese Painting sales achieved a total of US$64.919.325 over the course of two days.

 The three sales of Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art achieved US$87.492.378 and sold in excess of 81 percent by lot and 93 percent by value.

Christie’s three consecutive sales of Fine & Rare Wines achieved over US$14.057.553, and sold 83 percent by lot and 85 percent by value.







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